The 365 Challenge - Creating a new piece of design art every single day for 365 days! This challenge was an incredible feat of creativity and discipline that showcased talent, drive, and dedication.
The challenge began as a personal project to push my limits and challenge myself to create something new every day. The goal was to explore different design styles, experiment with new techniques, and discover new sources of inspiration.
Over the course of 365 days, I created a vast and diverse portfolio of design art that showcased my versatility and creativity. Each day's artwork was unique, and the designs ranged from typographic posters to surreal collages.
Throughout the challenge, I faced numerous obstacles - from creative blocks to time constraints - but always persevered and managed to produce a new piece of work. The daily practice of creating art also helped me refine my skills and develop my own style.
The project garnered attention and praise from the design community, with many people following along and eagerly anticipating each day's artwork. By the end of the challenge, my Instagram account ( had gained a loyal following. I not only completed a remarkable personal achievement but gained recognition as an upcoming designer. The challenge surpassed its goal, reaching nearly two years of daily practice, finally coming to an end on day 681.
In conclusion, The 365 Challenge showcases my creativity, talent, and dedication to my craft. It is a testament to the power of daily practice, pushing oneself outside of their comfort zone, and the potential for growth and development as an artist.
- - - -
All of the work created for The 365 Challenge can be found on my Instagram account - - where several other design pieces are now displayed. The first post ever was on Day 1 of the challenge, back in October 2019.

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